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Panorama supports the vision of a provincial immunization system where individuals, health care providers, and public health all have secure, real-time access to the same immunization information. It is the public health interface to the Digital Health Immunization Repository (DHIR). The goals are to improve health outcomes by making comprehensive immunization information accessible in real-time to support health care providers in clinical practice and to engage the public as active partners in the management of their own health.

Today, Panorama’s Immunization and Inventory modules are actively used in Ontario’s 36 public health units and the Ontario Government Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Service to support Ontario’s immunization programs.


  • Public health unit staff
  • Ontario Government Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Service (OGPMSS) staff.


  • Improves productivity and effectiveness of public health workers
  • Improves accuracy and cost effectiveness of the public health system
  • Improves disease prevention
  • Improves management of disease and major outbreaks
  • Improves supply chain management and associated cost savings.


Panorama is for authorized public health unit and OGPMSS staff use only. Please request access through your respective organization.